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"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies"

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Up & Down have been installing artificial Golf courses for over 20 years, and boast 60 years of combined experience. Through the years we have seen numerous innovations to enhance the golfing experience, from the simple development of new materials to incredible simulators, and we have always embraced these changes.  We have our in-house golf professionals testing new products as they appear on the market, should we feel they are not up to par, we would not use them in our installations.  This has enabled us to stay ahead of the game and allow us confidence in everything we deliver.

Many other companies can install an artificial short game, putting greens, and driving cabins but none have the knowledge, experience and passion as we do. We live and breathe golf on a professional and personal level, seeking out the best for every installation that we undertake.

Along with our installation services, we offer a host of other benefits. We will provide aftercare as if it were our own and look to improve every installation when advancements in technology develop.



At Up & Down, we understand that each installation is unique. Our dedicated team of design and landscape artists will ensure the finished installation surpasses your requirements and expectations and sits perfectly in your establishment. 

We have come to learn that our clients expect the best and we aim to deliver exactly that.  Our team will consult with you, show and explain all the possibilities and products available so that you can have, the best we have to offer.

Most importantly, we will listen and ensure the final product is exactly as you envisage. We strive to deliver what “YOU” want and be assured that every project we undertake is unique.

Return On Investment

Return on investment

Up & Down installations can provide the perfect solution for any commercial operation to increase revenue and become a real asset. By installing a synthetic area, whether it be a short game, long game, a simulator or a miniature golf practice course, you will in a very short space of time recover your initial expenditure, leaving you with a new revenue stream to bolster your establishment. The space can be booked hourly, daily, for individuals or groups, similar to a regular course, all of which we can assist you with structuring.

Combined with the addition of a Pro shop you can further still increase revenue that would otherwise be lost.  The Pro Shop has the capabilities of increasing revenue dramatically and has proved to be a truly amazing addition to any location. 

Working closely with our consultants they will advise on how best to utilise the space that you are developing and suggest what golf installation will ensure that you maximise your investment to provide the best return. 


Uplift In Bookings

potential more clients

From experience, we found that people choose their holiday destinations based on several factors, one of those being the leisure facilities available.  Life long golfers and novices alike choose to vacate where they can play what they love. Up & Down have the knowledge, experience and skills to assist you with creating a revenue-generating, bespoke installation that will appeal to the clientele you are currently not attracting.

Any one of our installations whether that be a putting green, short game area, practice simulator or ultimate short game area, will attract this growing demographic of clients.

With golf being equally attractive to both male and female clients you can open up a whole new market that would otherwise be missed. Research has shown that those who play golf have like-minded friends and tend to go on vacation in groups. 


  • Up & Down contacted me regarding an opportunity to work with them, to install a virtual Golf cabin. This encounter has boosted our sales and we would like to say a big thank you. really turned into a great venture.

  • great company , great team. Great job

    Hospitality manager
  • We always thought a golf course was not possible due to our location, we thought wrong. Our new facility really is attracting a lot of attention

  • I can recommend Up and Down. They are professional, and accommodated all our requirements.

    director of marketing
  • We will be rolling this concept ou to several of our sites in the near future. The one we have has noticeably increased interest from the public.

    Head of global operations

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