The Solution

"The most important shot in golf is the next one."

The Objectives

To increase our market reach to clientele that are currently missed

Golf is the number searched topic in conjunction with any vacation

To offer existing guests a golfing experience

The addition of any golfing facility will further enhance current guests’ experience at your resort

To increase our revenue through Golf facilities

Any golf installation will instantly generate additional revenue through the hiring of facilities

Your Concerns

At Up & Down we don’t see problems we only see solutions and as such have perfected a system to work for you. We have years of experience working in the hospitality sector, after all, we too have been guests at many incredible resorts, and fully understand your concerns.

We don't have enough space

A lot of our clients have this concern, however, we can fit a Golf Swing studio in as little as 30m square, these simulators offer the opportunity to play at over 400 virtual courses. A short Game area occupies just 100 m square. Whatever space is available we will provide you with a solution

We know nothing about the upkeep and creation of a Golf course

Our installations require very minimal upkeep and our team will carry out the full design and installation for you.

We can't spare the water

The very nature of a synthetic golf course lends itself to environments that have very little water, As the greens are synthetic they require no water to remain perfect 365 days a year.

We can't have the mess and building work to upset our guests

All our contractors are professional and have a great deal of working in hospitality environments. We understand that a building site is not what a guest would see and as such during the installation, all materials will be kept off-site until required. Before we start any installation we look at the design of your site and provide screens that are in keeping with that design that will hide any work being undertaken. At the end of each day, the site will be left clean and tidy so as not to disrupt any guests’ stays. At the end of each day, all materials, waste or otherwise will be stored off-site

We can't have building works going on for long periods of time

Our installation can go from zero to complete build in a matter of weeks. We achieve this by employing reputable contractors, who will work to get the project completed quickly. If permitted we can work a shift pattern to ensure project completion is done in the most optimal time frame.

The Proccess

One simple site inspection

This can be done over zoom, or face time in the first instance. We then determine an area that we can use to create all or any one of the following.

Short game area

A short game area is for putting, chipping and pitching. The short game is said to be the most important aspect of any golfer’s ability. (minimum space required is 100 metres square)

Short course

Depending on the size available we can create multiple or single greens with multiple T boxes to create your own shortened course (minimum space required 300 meters square)

Swing studio

A Swing studio can enable guests and clientele to receive lessons either in person or virtually and provides the ability to play at over 400 of the greatest courses. Our swing studios require a mere 30 meters square space and provide the experience of being on acres of golf course.

A Pro Shop

A Pro shop will enable you to sell branded products, Which will bolster your revenue. For those guests that do not have their own equipment, club hire will further add valuable revenue. (minimum space required 15 meters square)

We can build on rock, sand, mud, stone, almost any surface indoor or out

Interested In Our Services

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