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Generate Revenue

Up & Down installations can provide the perfect solution for any commercial operation to increase revenue and become a real asset. In a very short period of time, any initial costs associated with the installation can be recouped and become a revenue-generating stream.

From our experience, we have found that people choose their holiday destinations on several factors, one of those being the leisure facilities available.  Life long golfers and novices alike choose to vacate where there are golf facilities. Up & Down have the knowledge, experience and skills to create a revenue-generating, bespoke installation that will appeal to that clientele you are currently not attracting.


Stream Examples

Revenue Generation Examples
  1. New clientele that would not have booked your hotel previously
  2. Hourly, half daily and daily area rental
  3. Hourly lessons with  professionals on the simulator
  4. Equipment rental
  5. Pro shop revenue
  6. One on one professional coaching lessons
  7. Refreshment facilities

Approximately 1M – 3M turnover per annum – plus pro shop turnover at 50% profit.

Conservative estimation of $2.5M turnover per annum.

Over 5 year period – conservative estimation of $10M profit without factoring in golfers that choose your resort. This is revenue that you won’t generate if you don’t offer a golf facility.

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