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Synthetic Golf Green

We found that other products available worked but did not provide the characteristics and quality that were required. Therefore, we were not prepared to promote or install such products, as we felt we could provide a better solution. This led us to, over several years, research and develop our own products, designed to receive a golf ball from a distance,  allow the ball to roll on, enabling us to create an exceptional synthetic golf green. 

Having found a manufacturer to work alongside us, we started to develop new synthetic materials, exhibiting the characteristics of a conventional green. The main elements that needed consideration were, bounce rates, the roll speed of the ball and texture.  These are all essential in providing the best possible experience to all golfers. 

After multiple variations, a truly superior material was created and we are proud to be able to offer this on our installations.

A Green Comparable To

Professional Courses

Our products have unique design features that provide varying pile heights, densities, infill, and base systems.  This product allows players to putt professionally whilst on the green and also receives the golf ball from a long distance in a manner resembling that of a traditional green.

This bespoke-made artificial material is perfect for clients who want their visitors to benefit from these golf installations. For golf club owners, hospitality, and leisure management wanting a six or nine-hole pitch, par 3 courses, or pitch and putt, this artificial grass product is the most realistic offering for best-ball reaction and putting.

Up & Down golfing facts

66 million golfers worldwide

Artificial greens require no water

Up & Down has over 60 years of combined experience

23% of golfers are female

Professional PGA advisors

Artificial greens play the same as real greens

Up & Down golfing facts

Hover over tile

Golf was invented in Scotland in 1457

66 million golfers worldwide

A regulation ball has 366 dimples

23% of golfers are female

Internationally recognised

Artificial greens require no water

Up & Down are ecologically aware

Synthetic grass that looks natural

End-to-end service provided

The longest putt was 375 feet!

Golf balls were originally made of wood or feathers

Bespoke indoor and outdoor solutions available

Over 60 years of combined design experience

Up & Down artificial greens play the same as real greens

there's a 12,500 to 1 chance of making a hole-in-one

Golf has been played on the moon

Run by professionals for professionals

Realistic golf green performance

Bespoke designs to suit your needs

In house professional PGA advisors


Why a synthetic putting green over a natural one?

Our synthetic turfs can easily compete with natural greens for realism, aesthetics, usability in almost all-weather conditions, they are more resilient than standard greens, and typically require far less effort and resources to maintain.

Do Pro Golfers use your synthetic greens?

Yes! Our greens are tour-quality, so pro golfers use them as a realistic, practical, and resilient solution.

Do synthetic greens genuinely play like natural grass?

For sure! Artificial turf has come a long way in recent years and is now a mainstay in most grass-based sports. Simply put, our synthetic greens match the look, feel and playability of natural greens.

Can I practice shots from different lies?

The entire putting green area is designed to meet your needs. The fringe rough around your green is adapted to your pre-agreed plan, and we can easily include a variety of lies as well as create any stance that you’d find on a golf course.

What are the maintenance requirements of a synthetic green?

The fundamental maintenance requirement is to keep the surface clear of debris, weed treatment and light manicuring. As standard, we provide you with bespoke advice for you or your gardener to maintain the green. Alternatively, we can provide a fully managed maintenance program.

Do the greens appear plasticky?

Absolutely not! We specialise in installing realistic synthetic greens that look natural to the naked eye.

Do the greens drain well?

We ensure that we design and install subtle channels built into the contours of the putting surface, just like a real green. This ensures good drainage no matter the weather.

Do you supply any additional products?

We do indeed! Being a bespoke built solution, we can include a variety of features such as golf nets, bunkers, chipping mats (portable or permanent), water features, and more.

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