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The SIM POD is a purpose-built, bespoke installation designed specifically for a resort’s available land and size.



We are thrilled to present our latest visionary project – THE SIM POD – a ground-breaking concept that will revolutionise the way golf can be incorporated into existing resorts and sites.

These open-plan rooms feature state-of-the-art multi-screen golf simulator technology, along with meticulously designed and decorated interiors.

Join us as we unveil the Up & Down SIM PODS that seamlessly combines the thrill of golf with state-of-the-art technology, all housed in a prefabricated and ready to go ‘pod’.

Versatile & Modern

Open-plan areas featuring multiple bays, bar, and comfortable seating. Guests can play or watch golf, making it an ideal sport for kids, families, and couples to enjoy. Our technology allows players to experience the world’s top golf courses.

Revenue Stream

Aside from being a great selling facility for any resort, the SIM POD provides a significant revenue stream. It serves as the perfect evening activity for guests who often struggle to find entertainment options within hotels and resorts.

Audience Appeal

The SIM POD creates a fantastic atmosphere that appeals to everyone, from beginners and families to serious and professional golfers. It offers an engaging and enjoyable experience for guests of all skill levels.

Bespoke Design

Tailored to compliment any resort or hotel, providing simple two-screen rooms to larger setups. We consider the available area, size and location on the grounds to design the perfect POD, that will work in synergy with the surrounding flora.

Tailored To Perfection

We understand that each resort is unique, and that’s why our SIM PODS are designed to be bespoke and custom fit to your resort’s size and land availability.

We acknowledge your specific requirements to create a SIM POD that seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure and enhances the overall resort experience.

Flexible & Scalable

Our SIM PODS can accommodate any number of bays, starting from a minimum of 2 and scaling up to meet your needs.

Whether you envision a compact facility or a larger-scale setup, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

The Bigger, The Better

The bigger the facility, the better the possibilities.

With multiple bays in an open-plan layout, the SIM PODS create a dynamic and interactive environment that caters to various audiences.

Families can bond over friendly competitions, couples can enjoy a leisurely round, and golf enthusiasts can practice their skills.

A Hub Of Fun

The SIM PODS go beyond being a golf facility— they serve as a hub of fun and entertainment for all resort guests.

The lively atmosphere, complete with cutting-edge simulator technology, immersive graphics, and comfortable seating areas, creates an inviting space that encourages social interaction and enjoyment.

Welcoming All Guests

Whether it’s a family outing, a group activity, or a solo session, the SIM PODS offer a vibrant and welcoming environment where guests can relax, have fun, and create lasting memories.

With its versatility and appeal, the SIM PODS become a focal point of the resort’s recreational offerings, captivating guests of all ages and interests.

Elevate Your Offerings

Experience the seamless integration of bespoke design, custom fit, and an enjoyable atmosphere with our SIM PODS.

Up & Down ensures that every aspect of the facility is tailored to your resort, making it a unique and enticing addition that sets you apart from the competition.


Once the size and budget for the SIM POD are agreed upon, our team sets to work constructing the state-of-the-art facility at our cutting-edge factory. Using our expertise and precision engineering, we meticulously fabricate the SIM POD to meet the specific requirements of the resort.

The SIM POD is a prefabricated building that embodies convenience and efficiency. Every aspect, from the multiscreen golf simulator technology to the fully designed and decorated golf room, is pre-installed and integrated seamlessly into the structure. This innovative approach ensures a streamlined construction process and minimises disruption to the resort’s operations.

Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the SIM POD is carefully packaged and transported to the resort site. Our experienced team of professionals swiftly assembles the prefabricated building in situ, taking just a few days to bring

the SIM POD to life. With its plug-and-play design, the SIM POD only requires a readily available electrical power source to operate, eliminating the need for extensive building work or complex infrastructure modifications.

This turnkey solution provides resorts with a hassle-free implementation of the SIM POD, allowing them to quickly offer this exciting golfing experience to their guests. The simplicity and efficiency of our prefab approach ensures a smooth transition from construction to operation, enabling resorts to capitalise on the benefits of the SIM POD in no time.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our SIM PODS feature the latest game play technology and software, delivering an immersive and realistic golfing experience.

Global Golfing Adventure

Step into our SIM PODS and gain access to the top 200 golf courses worldwide, allowing you to play on renowned fairways without leaving the comfort of the resort.

Complete Bay Setup

Experience convenience and comfort with our SIM PODS’ full bay setup, including high-quality mats, large screens, netting, and club holders for a seamless golfing experience.

Spectator-Friendly Viewing

Enjoy comfortable seating in our dedicated viewing areas, where you can relax and watch fellow golfers in action.

Social Hub with a Bar

Unwind and socialize in our SIM PODS’ bar and social area, creating a vibrant atmosphere for connecting with other golf enthusiasts

Immersive Golf Ambiance

Surround yourself with the spirit of the game as our SIM PODS display captivating golf memorabilia, adding to the authentic golfing ambiance.

Custom-Built and Efficient

Our SIM PODS are designed, produced, and constructed to perfection, ensuring a seamless fit with the resort’s landscape and infrastructure.

Abundant Natural Light

Experience a bright and inviting space with strategically placed windows and doors that allow ample natural light to fill the SIM PODS.


Our SIM PODS are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted golfing experiences regardless of the elements.

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