"If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play at it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf."

The best golfers are those who hit flop shots that fly over seemingly insurmountable objects, landing within gimme range. Striking balls that check perfectly and have an unreal ability to spin into a safe zone, to further watch the ball roll with perfect speed to within inches of the hole. To the short-game masters, these shots are to be tamed, owned, and dominated.


Putting is a skill that wins you the game. It’s all about skills developed over time through continuous practice. It isn’t just one skill, it is a combination of control, stance, swing, grip and strategy. If you have ever played a game of golf and are serious about achieving lower scores, then this part of your game is essential. 

Putting is the easiest aspect of golf to improve. Eliminating 3-putts alone can save some golfers three to four strokes per round. Making more putts of 8-10 feet or fewer results in more birdies, more saved pars, and fewer double-bogeys. This is why so many people want to practice their putting at home and on holiday.

Our short game areas are comparable to the look and feel of the most exclusive practice facilities and are used by both amateurs and professionals alike. Requiring very little, to no maintenance and are playable through all the seasons. They use the highest grade synthetic materials, comparable to the renowned Bermuda bluegrass used on professional conventional greens. The design can be to challenge either the professional golfer or to accommodate and entertain families to provide an enjoyable golfing experience. Each design is tailor-made to your specific requirements and can incorporate varying degrees of camber, texture and length to give an unsurpassed installation. 


The term short game refers to the category of golf shots that are made when the golfer is located relatively near the green, or on the green itself. It is made of two areas of your golf game, putting and chipping.  Chipping is the part of the game that makes putting easier. If you can position the ball, close to the hole it should inevitably reduce the amount of putting strokes required. 

A golfer with a good short game will shine when shots require finesse and precision, they will be able to recover from approaches that missed the green. Chipping like putting is essential to your golf game. Most people can hit a driver but the way to shave shots is by fine-tuning your short game. 

Our short game course is ideal where space is at a premium and can be tailored to incorporate bunkers, water features and undulations to give varied lies that simulate that on a golf course. All of which makes for a challenging practice facility. Each design will be unique to the space allocated and can be as easy or challenging as desired. We can work with you to design the perfect installation whether it be for the seasoned golfer or simply to add an enjoyed and fun attraction to your property. It is the perfect addition to any site that wants golf facilities.


Incorporating bunkers into your design allows for a diverse practice area. Again getting the ball out of a bunker is a skill developed with practice and practice makes perfect…so they say. Professionals make this look effortless however it is difficult to hit the ball out of the bunker to then land it in the desired location. Preferably into the hole or close by. 

Bunkers can be designed in an almost limitless variety of ways and are therefore suitable for all venues and all surfaces.  They can either be grass-lined or filled with sand, can be of varying depths and differing difficulty.

It is often said that a short game without bunkers would be tame and monotonous.


When it comes to putting greens there is no standard grass. All greens are different and as such we have wide a variety of grasses on offer, each with different characteristics.

We have developed our own grasses which are both hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing and we take great pride in our finished product.

Following our initial consultation with clients, we will advise which grass would work best for the particular situation and work to ensure that the final look and feel is in keeping with the requirements as given.

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